Sunday, August 30, 2015

Workshops & Certifications

Those of us that are part of the DDPY family are very fortunate indeed.  This isn't just a simple program where you buy a DVD set, slap it into the player and practice by yourself.  No indeed....there is a wealth of interaction on the member's portion of the DDPY website.  Once you're part of the family, you never have to be alone.  If you have a problem or a spot of trouble, there is always someone that will be willing to help or empathize.  There is even a chat available and it is busy throughout the day with only occasional lulls.  There is even a radio show exclusively for DDPY that we can listen to weekly.

There are many workshops that are available in many various locations.  I have signed up with one being held not far from me in Baltimore, Maryland for February 6, 2016.  I am so psyched.  I will have the opportunity to meet DDP himself.  I hope I'll meet some of you there too!
This gives me six months to work through the rest of the workouts that I have yet to cover.  I am currently working on two of my favorites--Below The Belt and Diamond Cutter.

I am hoping that I might be, one day, able to apply for certification I.  I will be saving my pennies and by the time I have enough for the application fee, I should be quite proficient!  LOL  Since I was a full-time medical massage therapist for thirty years, I have a lot of contacts in my area of past clientele and friends that might be interested in instruction.  I am retired from massage therapy now and living of off social security, so this type of certification might give me the opportunity to make a little extra 'mad money' for the extra joys of life.

Yes, we who are part of the DDP Yoga family are really enjoying the best yoga has to offer!

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  1. Hmmmm, because this is in the middle of our winter season, if it snows, I may not be able to make it to this one. I hope the weather cooperates!