Friday, August 28, 2015

Staying On Track With The Dietary Plan

Two years ago I practiced DDPY when I first bought the package.  I did workouts from June 18, 2013 to August 6, 2013.  I then put it on the shelf to collect dust, however, out of necessity, I started again on June 20, 2015.  Why did I stop?  Well, I believe it was lack of motivation because I was overweight and lacked energy.  Why was I without energy?  I believe it was because I WAS UNWILLING TO FOLLOW THE DIETARY SUGGESTIONS!  When I kept gaining more and more weight and along with that higher and higher blood pressure, I finally became willing to get serious about the program in June of this year.  Now I follow the dietary suggestions religiously, and to lower my blood pressure without medication, I it was suggested by a doctor to follow a whole plant food diet with no vegetable oil.  For me in particular, that means NO MEAT, NO FISH, NO DAIRY, NO EGGS, NO VEGETABLE OILS (I even won't be taking in any olive oil), and PLENTY OF COMPLEX STARCHES, VEGETABLES AND FRUITS, with some nuts and avocado occasionally.  By following this strict eating plan to lower my blood pressure, I went from 170/110 to a normal 121/83 in only a week!

But, for those who don't need to address heart disease issues, the DDPY dietary suggestions are usually enough to get your health back and find your energy again.  And, this is an important part of being able to stick with the workout program in my opinion.  By eating the 'no dairy, no gluten and no sugar' way, one would gain the ability to practice the workouts with enough energy.  Of course, the poses will still be a challenge, but that is what the workouts are all about--challenging ourselves.

However, on this post, I'd like to address the problems one might face in following the dietary suggestions when out in public and when eating at others' houses.  I have found a really awesome little food carrier fashioned after the Asians that transport their meals in stackable pots.  I found a selection of these stackable pots made in stainless steel and of different sizes.  They are awesome for when I go out to places where the food is not made according to the dietary standards I need to follow, so I carry food with me.  I will often tell my host that if they would care to, they can bake me a potato or steam a vegetable, and I will add the rest out of my little carrier pots.  This plan has been working like a charm, and my host is not offended or perplexed about inviting a vegan to lunch or dinner.  This would also be handy for those following the DDPY dietary restrictions.

Here are pictures of the handy dandy pots and the insulator bag (purchased separately at WalMart) to store them and keep them cold/hot that I bought at Whole Foods:

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