Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Resolving a disability......

When I was a 30 year old I began an interest that dominated over a decade of my life--mountain biking.  I travelled to the highest mountains and the deepest valleys in the United States to quench my thirst for my beloved sport.  However, in my 40s I began to notice my left knee would be numb most all the time.  I began to kayak the rivers instead, but the numbness remained always, however, it did not cause pain.  Years later, after hanging upside-down only one minutes every morning for two years, out of the blue I could not walk on my left leg.  After working massage on my knee for a month I was able to use a walker, then a knee brace to get around.  I then got a service dog because my mobility was not trustworthy--I would fall to the ground without prior warning.

After some time, I developed a new modality in my massage business called 'cupping massage' which is a treatment that involves suction.  I applied this new modality to my knee and as a result, my fibular head released impressively.  I had no idea it has been adhered to the hard tissues of my knee.  Not long after, I could walk freely with only a little soreness.  Not long after I joined the DDPY community and began my workouts.  However, I was not interested in following the dietary suggestions in the DDPY program, so, after only 2-1/2 months of application I began to loose interest and put it on the shelf.  My knee was temperamental, but tolerable.  It would flair up at times, and some periods I even needed to use my service dog again for support.  However, then my blood pressure, which had been progressively creeping higher and higher, reached an all time high of 170/110!  I did not want to have to use medication to lower it, knowing one is just erasing the red flag, not resolving the arterial disease which high blood pressure is indicating.  I remembered the dietary suggestions of DDPY.  I dusted off the DVD set and began once again after my two year 'vacation'!  

too be continued tomorrow......

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