Saturday, August 29, 2015

How I Stay Motivated.....

My brain is so restless.  It comes up with ideas and schemes that I sometimes must laugh at.  My brain speaks to me much more than my heart does.  In olden times, the human race had much more time to ponder nature, their own bodies, their next food source in order to stay alive, etc.  Now days we are slaves to the time pressures of modern society, science and technology.  Is it any wonder that we lose touch with our heart and what it's trying to tell us.

Here are some of my brain's conversation:

"I'm an old lady.  I should just give up trying to fight weight gain and inflexibility.  After all, old age is unkind to us humans."

"I deserve that ice cream.  After all, I don't get many rewards out of this life anymore, so why not 'treat' myself?"

"I am done trying to fit into my clothes that no longer fit.  After all, every time I diet and get down to my correct weight, I just regain it all back and more!"  I am so tired of this Merry-Go-Round.  I'm just gonna wear sweats and too large tee shirts to cover the gut I have."

"I'm too old and unsteady in my balance to do yoga.  I might fall and break a bone, and then what!?!"

Well, that's only a sampling.  There is many more examples, but you get the gist.  Now, what does my heart have to say when I give it half a chance?:

"You can do it!  Just give yourself time and be careful not to hurt yourself!"

"You do deserve rewards in life.  And, what better reward than good health and flexibility!"

"You will lose weight and be able to keep it off if you put nutritiously dense foods into your engine instead of industy-prepared or fast foods."

"Yes, it's true you are shaky when doing the poses.  And, yes,  you are 68 and getting older as the world spins.  But, muscle and bones are God's great creation, and they are redeemable with consistent, well thought out exercise and stretching."

"What have you got to lose--well, I'll tell will lose flexibility, you will lose the battle against obesity, and you will fight injury and lose health."  "So, get on the mat, Baby!"


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