Monday, August 24, 2015

How does it feel to get old?  Well, at 68 years OLD, I'll tell you.  It isn't nice!  I have fallen down stairs;  I have needed to use a walker at certain times;  I have gained unwanted weight that, no matter how many diets I went on, would always return with a vengeance and then some more on top of the last poundage I was dragging around with me;  I had eating addictions that ruled my existence;  I lacked energy;  I lacked fundamental flexibility to do the most needed movement to make it through my day!

How does it feel to be 68 years YOUNG!  I'll tell you.  It's GREAT!  I no longer fall;  I never need the walker;  I am down to a normal weight yet I can eat to satisfaction as long as I follow the DDPY program;  My high blood pressure of 170/110 became a miraculous 121/80 without using any medication (only the corrective diet and yoga);  I have glorious energy throughout the day with no 3 pm slump;  I no longer suffer from my sugar, ice cream, chocolate cravings;  and I move like a youngster now that I have flexibility.

How did I make these fantastic changes?, you ask....I joined a group called DDP Yoga.  After seeing the Arthur Boorman video on YouTube, I decided that if Arthur could do it, so could I.  I was no longer going to sail into the sunset with the concept of 'everybody looses function when they hit old age'!  I found that unacceptable!  I bought the program--not only do you buy the DVD set. but along with that you get support on the internet in the form of a chat room and blogging with friends, etc.  I am never alone in my efforts for improvement!!!

Take a look for yourself.  These pictures are a comparison of my first two months doing DDP Yoga.

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