Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Learning about my body....

It is so tricky trying to understand my 68 year old aches and pains as I reboot my body.  I have been a full-time practicing medical massage therapist for 30 years, and my body still amazes me!  I am retired now, but I am still learning about my muscles and their problems.  Doing DDPY is teaching me so much about myself.  I really had no idea how inflexible I had become until I tried various poses.

My wrists were very weak, and this surprised me since I had a lifetime of massage to clients!  But, when I did the plank, push ups and poses where I needed to bear weight on my wrists they complained.  I taped them up and this help immensely.  Our wrists are simply not accustomed to bearing a lot of our body weight.  It is more important than ever for me to stretch those joints that start complaining.

I have worked hard this week doing Red Hot Core, Below The Belt, and Diamond Cutter.  My weight is stable at 142 which is a good weight for my height.  I'm happy, happy, happy!

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